Office 2009.5 Office Build I bought my current residence in 2006 and until 2009 my office was a room in the house. This project was to finish the partial basement for about 414 s.f. of interior floor area. The low-ceiling was left as open joists painted black with simple utility pull-chain light fixtures. Walls were framed, insulated and finished in a shade of yellow for a bright, warm feeling. I wired for 2 networked computer work stations on a network along with phone and cable wiring, and heat. My awesome neighbor come in and hung the drywall, basically for free. The space is now a comfortable combination of office and gallery.

The opportunity to buy a complete hot shop came about in 2007 when a friend from my area decided to sell when he was displaced for new development.  Ironically, we shared our first glass blowing class at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle in 1986.  Before installing the fire-wall, vent hood and equipment, the west portion of the workshop, which had a wood framed floor, needed a new concrete slab and a door.  The new floor is about 18” lower than the existing one, which conveniently provides a ventilation gap below the existing wall.  After that was accomplished, we (previous owner & I) re-built the furnace.  Then I gradually re-installed the gas & air supply system and rolled the 1 1/2 ton furnace on 2” steel pipes, Roman style, down a temporary ramp and into place.

My studio consists of facilities that are integral with my residence. As such, it is a constant work in progress.
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